School Council


St. Thomas More's School Council

September 2016- July 2017 

Who are we and how many are in the School Council?

There are two representatives from each class, however, in year 6 we have four.

How our School Council works


Will lead the meeting using the Agenda.


To take the minutes at the meeting, type them up and distribute them to every class. A copy must also go on School Council notice board.


 All Classes will have a Class Council meeting using the minutes of the previous meeting. This allows all the children in school to know what has been discussed and what the plans are for our school. This also enables all projects to be a whole school approach.

Each class Counsellor writes down any suggestions or items their peers wish to be placed on the next Agenda and they will be discussed at the next meeting. This list must be given to the Chair Person or Secretary who will ensure it is on the next Agenda.


Andrea and Amy (Chair and Vice Chair of the School Council)

My Vision is .....

That every child's opinion is valued and has a right to be heard.


What have we achieved this year?

We meet every month and discuss how we can improve our school community. This year 2016/2017 we have overhauled our lunchtimes to provide zoned areas with different activities and young leaders heading up the zones.

We have reviewed all the after school activities and we have requested different clubs afterschool. Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants have kindly managed to coach some of the activities that we requested.

We are currently gathering all the information to ensure that our school is offering as many opportunities to all our pupils. We will be working with the children that do not attend any clubs and asking them what they clubs they would like.

We are also looking at what makes a great teacher, in what kind of lesson do you learn best and why and when do we learn best. When  we have gathered all this information from each class, we will be presenting our findings to the staff at a staff meeting. This will also be presented to governors.

Playground charters have been renewed and are displayed in each playground.