Page 6 - St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School
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Our School Rules

‘Pupils behaviour and their attitude to work is good.’

                                                                                       Ofsted 2012

 We respect others' rights       Our school rules will be posted in the
 We accept our responsibilities  classrooms and around school. We
 We are kind and helpful         reward those children who keep our
 We are gentle                   school rules. If the school rules are
 We work hard                    broken, a system of sanctions will be put
 We look after property          into operation. Bullying will not be
 We listen to people             tolerated!
 We are honest.

‘Teachers set a good example of how to respect each other and this
contributes to good relationships between pupils, respect for others

        and celebrating each other’s achievement and success.’

                                                                                              Section 48. 2011

              ‘The school enjoys a good partnership with parents’

                                                                                                  Section 48. 2011

                                                 Parent Partnership

The role of parents in the education of their children is vital. Although your child will learn
many things at school they will have begun their learning journey at home. From the first smile
that you share to the first time you answer that dreaded question, ‘Why?’

There are many ways that this partnership can be strengthened:

    • talking to your child about their day
    • talking to the teacher
    • sharing a book together
    • helping with spellings and number bonds
    • praying together
    • playing together

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