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Roman Day - 3rd February '15

Year 3 and 4 came dressed up in Roman costumes on Roman Day. They tested the Roman catapults they had been making in DT and investigated how they could make their ammunition travel the furthest to battle against the fierce-looking Celts, without having to get too close! In maths they worked using Roman numerals, which was quite tricky at first but then became easier once they worked out the system.

At lunchtime, the children ate a Roman-inspired lunch at a Roman banquet. It was great fun, but a bit tricky to eat lunch lying on your side.

 Butser Ancient Farm - 13th January '15

Year 3 and 4 visited Butser Ancient Farm to compare how the Celts and Romans lived. They explored both the Celtic Roundhouses and Roman villa. Most people agreed that they would rather have lived in a Roman villa than in the more basic, smoky Roundhouses. During the visit, the children were able to try spinning, using wool from the sheep at the farm and they also made some fantastic Roman-inspired jewellery using wire. The children were also able to see how archaeologists dug to find clues about how people lived in the past. They got very muddy looking for the evidence and were lucky to find a whole variety of different objects which helped them to work out about life in the Iron Age.


28/02/14 - Fair Trade

This year for FairTrade fortnight we undertook the challenge of raising awareness of the need to buy FairTrade products, and as part of this we ran an advertising campaign to promote FairTrade products and to advertise our FairTrade stall.

In addition, we also wrote to various people asking them to change the items they used to FairTrade products. In particular, we contacted ASDA to discuss with them the need to sell more FairTrade products!



07/02/14 - Understanding People in our Community

For the last two weeks we have been finding out about how we can make people with hearing loss feel even more part of our community. We knew how people who could not hear were valued members of our community, but we wanted to know if there were ways in which we could make life easier for them.

Firstly, we learnt about the different types of hearing loss. For this we used a hoop, some musical instruments and even a cuddly snake!


Next we learnt some signing with Mr Sendall and Miss Ridd. We learnt how to say hello, spell our names and we even learnt to sign the lyrics to a song.

We also found out about hearing dogs call Canine Partners. these are dogs which are trained to help people who cannot hear. We learnt that they are very expensive to train and so we wrote letters to try and encourage people to raise funds for the charity. We had a visit from Brandy who is a hearing dog.

To finish the week we had a visit from Richard and Zoe who taught us more about how to communicate with people who cannot hear. They also taught us some more signing.



22/01/14 - Buddhism Family Learning Workshop

Our first topic of the year has been Buddhism, and as part of the unit we had an Exploring Buddhism workshop.

The workshop opened with the children telling the tale of Prince Siddhartha, the Buudha. Children, Parents, Grandparents and friends worked together on various activities such as making a prayer wheel and creating a lotus flower.

We finished the workshop with some meditation, and released out lotus flowers onto three pools, giving thanks to God for all which He has given to us.






19/12/13 - Christmas preparations

Year 3&4 lead the school's Carol Service at St Joseph's Church to help the school community have some special prayer time before the Christmas celebration. This year, as well as readings, musicians and drama, we also manage to have several Liturgical dances.

We also held our Advent Penitential Service. The theme was to turn away from darkness and spread the light of Christ's light.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness - only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate - only love can do that." Martin Luther King

13/12/13 - Dragons and Minions!!! 

We all turned up for school on Monday this week and discovered that a dragon had been stalking around the school grounds! Scorch marks were found on the Trim Trail, burnt Lost Kitten posters were discovered (Poor Miss Ridd!), scales were found around the patio area, which had also been attacked, and there were even animal bones scattered around! So, there was nothing else for it but to plan to catch the dragon! We all started plotting about how this would best be done, and we used the idea of catching naughty purple Minions to help us prepare our instructional texts!

6/12/13 - Craft Fair

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working hard to produce crafts to sell at our School Craft Fair. The fair went very well and virtually all of the crafts we produced were sold!

11/11/13 - Armistice day

As part of our Remembrance unit, Mr Evetts joined us to talk about his career in the army. He showed us his medals and we got to ask him questions about what life was like protecting others. We then got together for our phase Remembrance Service where the children read prayers and poems which they had written.


23/10/13 - Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers

Over the last few days each class has set up camp as Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers. We learnt all about why the some Stone Age people needed to set up temporary camps, the types of food which they would have gathered and some of the hunting methods they would have used. We successfully created our own temporary shelters out of natural materials and they even proved to be waterproof!


In addition to setting up camp, over the last few weeks we have been looking in greater detail at different aspects of Stone Age life in order to make a documentary about life in the Stone Age. 

07/10/13 - Our Creation unit comes to a close...

We have now come to the end of our Creation unit. We have explored Creation stories from all over the world and have written some of our own, as wellas having created some Aboriginal art!

Our artwork exhibition went well. Some examples are below. There was photography, paint, collage, metalwork, woodwork, natural materials being used, as well as some fantastic pieces of poetry and songs - we have some very creative artists in our Phase! 





09/09/13 - Creation Launch Day!

Today we launched our Creation topic. We had some 'Godly Play' when we thought about the Creation story and then we made our own creations using collage, clay, junk material and paint.

We also explored outside, looking in closer detail at the amazing world around us!








Teachers' Blog 2012-13

19/06/13 - Tudor Trip

Everyone had a very enjoyable time at the Mary rose and then at the Tudor Workshop at Southsea castle. At the Mary Rose museum, we saw a vast collection of Tudor artefacts recovered from Henry VIII's ship. There were several skulls, and the gruesome medical instruments of the barber surgeon particularly interested the more blood-thirsty members of the class!

After lunch, overlooking the site where the Mary Rose sank, we went to Southsea Castle where we had an unusual experience - we became Time Travellers and got to take part in life within a castle getting ready for a visit from the King. Phoenix Class.




More Photographs can be found in the Phoenix's History section of Studywiz. (I have also put it as one of our Featured Activities in order to make a quick link for you.)

07/05/13 - Maths Family Learning Workshop

This worshop explored our new Quick-Fire Maths scheme and how best to learn the skills required. The children also got a chance to play the fantastic games which they had created to help others learn those maths skills in a fun way! 



15/04/13 - Summer Term

Please see the new Newsletter (link above) for information about this coming term.

21/03/13 - Lenten Penitential Service

For our Penitential liturgy, we thought about how we had changed our hearts this Lent and what we still needed to do to become closer to God. It gave us a chance to say sorry for the things we have done wrong and helped us to feel forgiven, ready to start anew. It has helped us to enter Holy Week with renewed hearts.


20/03/13 - Science Day

Years 3 and 4 had great fun exploring various scientific ideas. We made exploding monsters, raced balloons, made slime to learn about particles and made optical illusions.


Watch the video of our day on Studywiz!


19/03/13 - Fairtrade Fashion Show

Today we held our Fairtrade Fashion Show. This was a culmination of many areas of our work this term - RE, English, Music, PE, Art & Design, Maths, Design Technology, PSHE and Geography! The children had great fun deciding what they wanted to do, and they did an amazing job of putting the show together.

More photographs and videos can be found on Studywiz .




15/03/13 - Comic Relief

To raise money for Comic Relief, Mrs Meades and Miss Moon scooted in to school. If you would like to sponsor them, the link is


The teachers then Danced for Comic Relief...but I'll spare you those pictures!!!! I had a secret weapon though...Tilly! Unfortunately for me, the judges loved her and said she should lose me and go it alone!!! I did the honourable thing and let her go through on her own...and she won!!! Well done, Tilly!


07/03/13 - World Book Day

For World Book Day, we had a variety of activities to encourage a love of reading.

The day started with an assembly where Sam and Sophie performed some book magic and held a parade of book characters!


After assembly we shared books with children in Venus and Saturn. The children in Years 3 and 4 read various picture books to them to show that we were good reading role models!



As the day is celebrated across the world, we watched a section of 'The Biggest Book Show on Earth' and then went outside to play with the parachutes. We had to think about the characters we had come dressed as and then decide whether the questions being ask applied to us.



For our Art and Design work, we designed and built houses for a character from a book. The design had to enable people to guess who our character was.


Finally, we had a book exchange where we brought in books which we had read and enjoyed and swapped them for other books. This way we got to share the books we have already got pleasure from and got to read a new one.



19/02/13 - Fairtrade

This term we are learning about Fairtrade, Sustainability and persuasion.

So far we have made some Fairtrade cakes, persuaded others to give us a fair wage, have started work on our Fairtrade and Sustainable fashion, as well as our 'junk' musical instruments.

Fairtrade cooks

Next we are going to try and persuade people to swap to buying Fairtrade products buy writing advertisments, making a short film and writing leaflets. Check back in a few weeks to see some of the leaflets we produce!


12/02/13 - Shrove Tuesday

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Year 3 & 4 had a Mardi Gras day! We explored the history of Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras traditions, we enjoyed some Mardi Gras maths, made masks, watched a rather dubious juggler (!), had pancake races and even learnt to Mambo!


Mardi Gras Masks!



Smarties Maths!

Smarties Maths


Juggling (The juggling balls did go higher, honestly!)