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Past Pupil Comments


Michael (Year 6 pupil - 2013-14)

This is a great school and I recommend it to everyone. I wish all the year 6's best results in their sats. All the best to all teachers and pupils. Hope the school is carrying on my old job of gardening :-) 

Thomas Corcoran - 23/02/2015

I was among the first pupils in the school as I was starting in the first year juniors at the school's opening. We moved there from St Joseph's, Havant which was probably Victorian and certainly primitive by St Tom's standards. The building was a very bright place after Dickensian St Joe's and a hygienic improvement as St J's had only one outside loo. St T's Had 3 infant classes and 4 Juniors and head of this establishment was Elizabeth May with Lawrence Stephens as deputy. My classmates were a very good bunch.


Kathleen McGowan - 31/12/2014

I attended St Thomas More's in the late 1960s and loved it there. I loved reading and sport and there was a PE teacher called Mr Ware who made a very special exception for me. He let me play football with the boys team. This was astonishing in the late 60s and I was the only girl to do this. When I was 12, I was spotted by a football coach and began playing football for Havant Ladies. These were some happy times. I went on to University, got a first class honours degree and PhD in English Literature and Critical Theory and have taught Literature and Theory around the world. I now live and teach in Manchester, but still remember those days at St Thomas More's with affection. Coming from Leigh Park, with Irish Catholic parents, St Thomas More's gave me a brilliant start in life.


Jessica Balchin -  06/07/2013

'I loved my old school!!!!!'  

Sedem Anyiri - 16/12/2016

St Thomas More's is an amazing school. I was in Year 6 earlier this year, and it was the greatest primary school year of my life.