Community - Partnerships

We have strong links with local businesses, charities and organisations. We believe that it is important that everyone in the local community works together to improve society. At St Thomas More’s we foster a sense of each child’s responsibilities when living in as part of a community– ‘everyone knows what is expected of them and what they can expect in turn’.

Emma won the Tesco bag competition!



 Junior Police Community Support Officer

This year we have been fortunate enough to work with Havant Police on projects within our community. Below is a list of local

establishments that we have linked up with and offered our time and energy to.

Havant Fire Station - We found this very informative and it helped us realise the range of call outs (shouts) they get.

Litter picking - We have litter picked in our local area.

St John's Ambulance -  First Aid Training was delivered by a St. John's Ambulance trainer. We felt this is an essential skill to have.

Archery-We had a very exciting time at Fort Purbrook, learning how to use the equipment properly. It was much more difficult than we thought it would be. It was great fun learning the skills of archery. 

Portsmouth Watersports Centre - We went to the Centre to do an activity around 'team building'. We were spilt into two teams and given wheels, rope and wooden boards. We were then challenged to build a cart and race against each other.

Asda - We went to visit Asda Superstore and it was amazing seeing everything that went on behind the scenes. We looked at their camera security system, the online order process, and the offices above the whole store. We would like to thank Michelle, their new community colleague. She was able to give us so much information about the opportunities that Asda are able to offer as well as sharing her knowledge about how Asda source many of their products.  

Jasmine has been attending all the activities in her role as Junior Reporter. We are hoping to add some photographs and a report. The last session is at the end of May 2016.

  Here we value the importance of teavching our children how to be safe. Children enjoyed working St Johns ambulancce service to learn first aid.

The Grand Opening of the Tesco Community Room in Havant

The choir sang for the Mayor at Havant Plaza.