Parent Partnership

          An Agreement between the Home, School and Children of St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School

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Family Learning

Together we will:


  1. Tackle any concerns
  2. Keep channels of communication open in all directions
  3. Encourage our children to do their very best at all times, and value that effort
  4. Encourage our children to take pride in their school environment
  5. Promote positive behaviour
  6. Support individuals in their personal faith development
  7. Be considerate to everyone particularly the school neighbours



The School will:


  1. Teach the National Curriculum and RE
  2. Provide extra curriculum enhancement whenever possible
  3. Provide opportunities for spiritual development
  4. Not tolerate bullying and will implement strategies to address it
  5. Keep parents informed of their children’s progress
  6. Keep parents informed about school activities through regular letters home, and notices
  7. Be considerate to our school neighbours


The Family will:


  1. Make sure my child arrives in time for school
  2. Make sure my child is dressed in the correct uniform
  3. Make sure my child attends regularly, providing a letter if he or she is absent
  4. Support my child with their faith development
  5. Attend Parents’ evenings to discuss my child’s progress
  6. Work with the school & my child to promote positive behaviour
  7. Ensure an adequate amount of sleep and a healthy diet
  8. Be considerate to our school neighbours, particularly when parking.
  9. Support my child with their homework



The Child will:


  1. I will follow the school rules
  2. I will try to follow the example of Jesus at all times
  3. I will be a good listener
  4. I will tell an adult if I think someone is being unkind or if I don’t like how someone is behaving to me
  5. I will think about our neighbours and not leave any litter around


The Havant Pastoral Area will:


  1. Support the school with regular, termly meetings  between the priests and the staff
  2. Promote attendance at the school through displaying information about the school, advertising open mornings, etc.
  3. Involve the school whenever possible in parish events
  4. Enable the school to attend one Sunday Mass or celebration per year at each of our three parishes
  5. Share the responsibility with parents and the staff of developing the faith of the children

Havant Pastoral area including worshipping communities of St. Michael and All Angels’, Leigh Park, St. Joseph’s, Havant, Ss. Thomas’, Emsworth and St. Patrick’s, Hayling Island.


 We respect others’ rights

We accept our responsibilities

We are kind and helpful

We are gentle

We work hard

We look after property

We listen to people

We are honest