Our School Rules


 We will include everyone in our games and activity's.  We will always tell the truth.
 We will teat everyone with respect.  We will look after the trees and plants.
 We will share and play fairly.  We will be kind to each other and consider everybody's feelings. 
 We will always listen to other when they are speaking.   We will share with each other.
 We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves at all times. We will keep our school litter free.
 We will let an adult know if there are any problems. We will look after our toys.
 We will respect our equipment and our environment. We will help each other.
 We will let an adult know when we leave the playground. We will listen to adults at all times.

Our school rules will be posted in the classrooms and around school. We reward those children who keep our school rules. If the school rules are broken, a system of sanctions will be put into operation. Bullying will not be tolerated!

Online Safety Rules

We take online safety very seriously at St Thomas More's, and children are educated on how to keep themselves safe online. Below are our online safety rules.