Friends / Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Family Firework Event.

 What a truly amazing spectacle that was! Our 60th Anniversary firework display on November 3rd 2016 was an incredible night. The community feel was so strong and the fireworks were outstanding. Thank you so much to all who helped on the night, and those who attended, making the event such a success. A special thanks to the Police, local scaffolding company, Tesco and Havant County Council for their assistance and donations.


Christmas Fair

Another amazing family community event which was held on Friday 2nd December 2016. The challenge was set to the classes to work individually or as phase groups to produce crafts to sell for the fair. Every class rose to the challenge. The crafts were beautiful and nearly sold out within the first hour! The incentive was that each class received back 50% of the profit made, with the winners receiving 60%. Year 6 won by a small margin and received £142.99 to spend as they wish. Every other class received their 50% share. With all the other stalls and raffle, our total profit, after handing back £532.88 to classes we still made £2,100.18 profit. This was a truly outstanding amount. We would like to thank our young entrepreneurs for there innovative crafts.


This is our 60th anniversary year. So keep an eye out for the exciting events we will be planning. Please do get in touch with any ideas or events you would like to see happen. We would love to welcome new people - the date for our next meeting will be advertised on our PTA board by the main reception.