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Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Autumn 2017
Spring 2017
We kicked off our Ancient Greek topic in style with a visit from Groundlings theatre company.
Children are working in teams to research and create a range of material to showcase the impact of Ancient Greece on the world today. The 5 areas we are focusing on are:
Science and technology
The Arts
Gods and Goddesses
Politics and Law.

Please help your child complete homework activities linked to their focus area to enable them to create their material.

Spring 1 Newsletter:

Year 6

Our year 6 children taking a well earned rest from their farm jobs.


Our year 6 children and staff have returned from an amazing week at Nethercott Farm. A fantastic week full of fun, laughter and hard work was had by all. The children have learned a huge amount about farming life and where their food comes from but more importantly they have learned so much about themselves. They take with them many happy memories that will last a lifetime.


Here are a few photos from the farm.















Autumn newsletter 2013





 Teachers' Blog

Monday 13th May

Aquila English Group


Aquila English group preparing to hide their stories.


Last week our year 5 children wrote a range of fantastic stories. They were given the challenge of hiding their story somewhere in public for an unsuspecting person to stumble upon it and read it! We are all really excited to hear from anyone who finds one! Keep an eye on the blog as I will post any comments as soon as I get them.

26 May:

Ryan's story is found:


I was walking along the beach with Natasha, molly, Paul and my mum when we spotted Ryan’s story. I realised that it was from my school! I remembered Mr Crozier reading the email for Gary’s story. We all read it together on the beach; everyone enjoyed it! Thank you from Maria year 5 :D


Well done Ryan!

20th May:

Claudia Gets A Message!

Today Claudia became the latest member of our class to receive news on her story! Here's what they had to say:

Good afteroon,
I was working at Lord's Cricket Ground for the test match England V New Zealand for the past four days. I was lucky enough to have been given one of your stories by a gentleman who was waiting outside the ground on Saturday.
I did not have time to read it then and there, but on my tube journey home it was a nice way to end the day by opening the envelope. It was a story called 'The Kidnapper and the girls' by Claudia.
I very much enjoyed reading the story and thought it was really well written, a well paced and overall an entertaining story.
I hope you carry on with your writing as I think you may have a talent for it.
Good luck with the project and hope you get a lot of interesting replies!
Best wishes

Well done Claudia!


14th May

Gary Gets A Message!

Yesterday Gary became the first person to receive a message from a lucky reader who found his story. This is what they had to say:

Dear Mr Crozier & Gary
Whilst out walking I found this letter pinned to a tree,which said open me,read me.
Well what can I say,we did & wow what a lovely surprise!
My daughter & myself thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story,we found the story very well written. It was very imaginative & descriptive which only left us wanting more. Please say Well done & thank you to Gary


Well done Gary! Keep an eye on the blog for the latest news!




Crazy Clay Heads

Orion learnt advanced joining techniques and textural devices when creating these clay alter egos.

Wednesday 6th March

Mr Crozier's Maths group put their ratio and proportion skills to good use when they made fruit smoothies during Fairtrade week.








Tuesday 5th March

Our trip to Butser Hill

Year 5 and 6 picked the perfect day to take to the hills and find out more about our mountain topic as we travelled to Queen Elizabeth Country park.

Hiking up Butser Hill:




Shelter building:






This term, as part of our topic, we have been learning about mountains. Children have explored volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. In science, we experiemented with making volcanoes erupt.




In English, children have written some excellent myth and legend stories. Click on the link below to hear extracts from these stories. Meanwhile in art, we used clay to create gory mythical creatures:



In art lessons Aquila had an exciting time using clay. They were learning how to make complex joins and exploring different modelling techniques. They created these fantastic scary heads based on monsters from greek myths.


Homework project presentations

Our year 5 and 6 pupils created some fantastic homework projects linked to our geography topic. They took these back to class and presented them to the each other: